A glimpse into the past of our family's community contribution and the store...


John T. Miller - Conductor


Born in Minto in 1911, he lived his entire life in Minto and married Margaret "Springer" in 1940. They raised 5 children: Diane, Paul, Peter, David & Willard (descending in age). John was a conductor (retired in 1976) on trains hauling mostly freight and coal from Minto mines to NB Power Plants and beyond.  

John was a member of the Orangeman's Club, enjoyed hunting and fishing and sang in the "Minto Male Quartet".   The quartet made an album which was popular within the community.

John passed in 1995. Margaret Miller passed in 2016 at 101 years old.


Roy A. Mills - Coal Company Owner (Grandfather)

Born in Startup, Washington State (USA) in 1910, he moved to Canada, settling in Quebec. He and his brother Dave had a contracting business using steam draglines. 

Near the end of WW2 their company was asked to come to Minto to dig coal with a dragline for the war effort. Following the war, they remained in Minto and started their own coal company, D.W. & R.A. Mills.

Roy married Catherine King and they had 10 children.

He retired from coal mining in the early 70’s, spent time visiting family and remained constantly figuring how to use coal. His last project was reclaiming the tailings (left over smaller pieces) of washed coal which kept him busy until his death in 1992.


Peter H. A. Miller


Michael P. Miller - Owner/Operator

Michael grew up in Minto and attended the University of Ottawa obtaining a degree in Criminology. Michael also attended the Université de Laval and the Université de Trois-Rivières for french studies. After university, he spent two years in the Canadian Coast Guard, then 8 years with the Victoria Police as a Constable in Primary Response. Michael has proudly been with the family building supply business since 2008.